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I just realized

That it’s been 2 months since we ended things
Why am i still hurting? Stupid Janine


That’s how i feel right now
I can’t help the people i care about the most
It’s either they wont let me or i can’t do anything about it
Sucks to be me


I’m counting the days til my best friend leaves
Eleven days
Eleven days til the 30th.
I’ll only be able to spend four of those days with you.
You’ll leave again
I don’t want to go through that pain again

Thank you

For making me laugh, for making me smile, for making life worthwhile.
For always being there to pick me up when i think the world is just too vile.
For giving me assurance and putting up with me even though I really am pitiful.
For showing me that i am human enough to feel something so hurtful.
For making me realize that i’m stronger than i think when it comes to handling my feelings.
For being the foundation and pillar in my life that keeps me from turning into crumblings.

Now i realize I should be on my heels
Saying goodbye and thank you.