My friend opened up to me.

She said that she gets aroused easily and is more horny one week before her period.

I thought about what she said…

It does make sense.

My period started last September 1.

I was feeling the same things a week before that.

I looked it up too.

You Have Sexier Fantasies
In the name of science, 27 fun and fearless women were recruited to record their sexual daydreams in an online diary for a month. On average, the ladies reported 0.77 fantasies a day. But in the three days near ovulation (researchers made the women take a urine test to detect where they were in the cycle), the fantasies increased to 1.3 per day and were more arousing. You know what that means. The week before your period, make a private appointment. Where: your locked bedroom. Who: your sexiest lingerie. What: your dog-eared copy of 50 Shades.

This is weird.

And a coincidence.


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