I feel even more insecure now.

I’m not trying to starve myself. I just don’t feel hungry.

I’m trying my best to burn all the calories I intake.

But you aren’t helping.

You were one of the people I had lunch with today and all you could do was point out that I’m getting fatter so you ate more than half the food on my plate.

You pointed out all my physical fucking insecurities.

Can you just stop thinking that you know me? Cause you don’t. Okay?

Well, screw you… And your touchy hands. 

I don’t know why we even talk.

I already told you before that I HATE IT when you touch me.

You’re the only guy that makes me feel weird and uncomfortable.

And when I see you, I swear…. I will put on a fucking smile on my face and act like it’s okay…

Act like we’re close.

Act like I like it when you hug me.

How can you be so dense?

Ugh. If only I can ask you to stay away from me.


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