So this guy messaged me and asked me how i was doing.
I told him that I’ve had better days.
He asked me why.
I couldn’t exactly tell him. I just told him it’s complicated.
He told me he was there if i needed someone to talk to.
I just thanked him.
After a few minutes he messaged me again.
“I know the timing is weird and this wasn’t expected of me but do you want to go grab lunch some time soon?”
Ha. I replied after a minute. It wasn’t that hard since the words were immediately in my mind.
“I’m flattered but my head’s not in the right place right now. You deserve to go out with someone…. Well, not like me. I’m sorry.”
He got pissed.
He told me to stop thinking like that.
I said “Well, what can i do?”
Then he repeated that he’s always there if and when i need him and his offer still stands.
I just said sorry and logged off.
If i said yes, it would be unfair.
Oh gosh. I need a girls night out.


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