I only write here when i over think. I’ve been trying to not over think for days now…. I don’t think this topic is something i can hold in.

What do you do when you can’t stop the tears from falling?
Nothing right? You have to let it all out.
What do you do when they can’t even fall and you’re trying your best to hold it in?
Well, I guess I’m screwed then.
I guess you don’t like me anymore, or so you say.
I think you said this because you wanted me to hate you. To get mad. To get over whatever the hell happened.
That’ll happen in due time but it won’t happen soon enough.
Why can’t i bring myself to get mad at you?
What did i get myself into?
How the fuck did i screw this up?
Will I even be able to fix this?
Will I be able to fix me?
I took a chance on this too.
Don’t I get a say on what happens?
Argh fuck life. It’s so fucking unfair at times.


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