Long term

That’s what i want.
That’s what i wanted in my next relationship.
I thought this could be it you know?
I have a problem of shutting people out.
You’re one of the few people I let in.
So that’s why i thought this could be long term….
Because you know me more than anyone else.
Because you’ve opened up to me things i never thought you would tell other people.
Because…. Well i’ll be honest here, it’s you.
Come to think of it, i don’t know when i became so stupid and naïve.
I’ve been called heartless many times before. I’m trying to live up to that now.
I guess my walls are higher than ever now.
When will i finally find a guy who’s willing to go through all the drama? Who’s willing to get to know me? Who’s willing to climb up my walls and tear it down?
Well, I found one…. I just messed it all up.
Ha. Long term. A girl can dream, right?


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