I never knew you had that effect on me.
It’s almost 3 am and you’re the only one i can think about.
It’s wrong. I know. I’ve liked you for quite some time now but i guess, until now, i am in denial.
Why don’t you like me?
Am i not good enough?
Am i too fat?
Am i an embarrassment?
Am i not smart enough?
Am i too talkative?
Is it because of what i wear?
Is it because of my personality?
As much as i want to say i can change everything you want me to, i can’t. I can’t change for you. For anyone.
I just want someone to like me. Want me. Need me.
But i guess that’s not going to happen anytime soon.
Ugh. I need some rest. It sucks that you don’t know i’m here watching you from a distance.


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