Who am I?

No one knows who I am.

I simply drift along with everyone. 

I don’t know how I go everyday smiling while in fact a lot’s going on in my mind.

“I’m fine”, I tell everyone who ask.

I simply hold everything in.

My friends mean the world to me, and so does my family.

But lately everything’s changing.

I’m trying to adapt. I really am.

People develop new relationships with others

They forgot about me.

Oh well, I can’t blame them.

I am insignificant.

I am a nobody.

And some people….

Well, as I said, nothing stays the same.

People you used to talk to everyday,

well, they’re slowly vanishing.

People who I thought were my friends,

well, I am allowed to doubt that right?

Nothing in the world is going according to plan.

And I have no choice but to live with everything I’ve got

I plaster on a big smile on my face day by day just to show

him, you,everyone that i’m fine. But no.

I hope you can see right through me.

I hope you see behind my eyes.

I hope things will go better.


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